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For all your laboratory needs
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Agilent 6495® Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

Watch how Agilent 6495 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS works at the ionic level

BD Vacutainer®

BD Vacutainer® is the industry leader in vacuum blood collection systems – 82 procedures performed every second with BD Vacutainer® products, celebrating its 70th birthday this year

Say “NO” to cervical cancer!

How to protect yourself from cervical cancer? Take an accurate BD SurePath® liquid-based cytology test

Tosoh®: laboratory automation

An innovative modern laboratory – specialization of Tosoh®

BD UltraTouch®

A special blood collection kit equipped with a thin wall needle: twice shorter procedure with less pain

Randox Acusera®

Randox quality control systems – compliance with the highest quality standards guaranteed